St Peter's Church Willersey
During 2010-2011 a Bells Restoration project has been taking place in Willersey. Local fund-raising is aiming to produce approximately £15,000, no major works or renewal having taken place for around 70 years.

Willersey bells

Until the early 18th century, there were just three. In 1712, these were melted down by the Gloucestershire firm of Abraham Rudhall. He recast them into a peal of six, in time for them to be rung to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) which brought to an end the Wars of the Spanish Succession, with Marlborough's great victories at Blenheim and elsewhere. The tenor bell (13 cwt) bears the inscription: ‘Let mering for peace merrily': just as good a prayer for today.

 1  43/4 cwt
1712+ Abraham I Rudhall
 2  51/4 cwt
29.38" 1712+ Abraham I Rudhall
 3  53/4 cwt
31.75" 1712+ Abraham I Rudhall
 4 63/4 cwt
Abraham I Rudhall 
 5 81/4 cwt
Abraham I Rudhall 
 6 12 cwt
1712+ Abraham I Rudhall

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